BeFly Pumptrack

Friday, 24. May, 2019 - 11:00

Traditional pumptrack race at large pumptrack spot in Bike Park Kálnica and warm-up before the evening dual - pump race. Entry fee is only 5 € (online registration) and 10 € when you register at the venue.

Time trial – qualification, semifinal, final

A maximum of 8 riders from each category advances to the semifinals based on their time form qualification run. 4 riders advance to finals based on their semifinals run. If less than 6 riders participate in a category, they skip the semifinals run and 4 best riders advance straight to finals based on their time from qualification run. Overall victory is awarded based on finals run only.

Track: One full counter-clockwise lap on big pumptrack

Rolling start: about ¾ of a lap

Chain is allowed!

Registration at the venue closes Friday 24th May at 12:30 p.m.

Every contestant registered online until May 12th 2019 will get his own personalised race number!



up to 9 years (from 2010)
10 - 12 years (2009-2007)
13-15 years (2006-2004)
Junior up to 18 years (from 2001)
Hobby from 19 years (up to 2000)
Elite from 19 years (up to 2000)
Woman from 16 years (up to 2003)