Extreme XC Uphill

Saturday, 25. May, 2019 - 12:00
The most extreme achievers can reach their physical limit during Extreme XC uphill on a 500 m long track. Race is open to anyhone who dares.
We highly recommend you to register online. Online registration allows us to provide you more comfortable and faster services during your registration at the venue. Everyone registered online can just drop by at registration desk to pick up his race number and gift pack.
Every participant will get a gift pack. Winners in each category will be awarded a prize and steel trophy in the shape of letter R from the Biker Magazine logo. The fastest (e-bikes excluded) will be crowned as the King of the Kálnica Hill.

Registration at the venue closes Saturday 25th May at 11:30 a.m.
Fans are desired along the track to support their favorite racers. Bet how many of them will reach the top? Lazy bikers are welcome to compete in the e-bike category.

Every contestant registered online until May 12th 2019 will get his own personalised race number!