Downhill Race

Sunday, 31. May, 2020 - 11:00

Downhill is the pinnacle of mountainbiking. You are going to see the best Slovak downhill riders at the start line.
Online registration entry fee is 7€ + lift. Entry fee at the venue is 10€ + lift. Lift will be paid at the venue separately.
Every participant will get a gift pack. First three in each category will be awarded a valuable prize. Winners in each category will be awarded with steel trophy in the shape of letter R from the Biker Magazine logo. The fastest will be crowned as the King of the Kálnica Hill.
Online registration allows us to provide you more comfortable and faster services during your registration at the venue. Everyone registered and payed online can just drop by at registration desk to pick up his race number and gift pack. The lift will be paid at the venue.
Registration at the venue closes Sunday 26th May at 10:30 a.m.!
Every contestant registered online until May 12th 2019 will get his own personalised race number! 

Online registration
Deadline: Midnight on May 17th 2019 (00:00 hod.)
Special entry fee 7 €
+ lift (paid separately)
Registration at the venue
Friday May 24th from noon 12:00 till 05:00 p.m.
Saturday May 25th from 09:00 a.m. till 05:00 p.m.
Sunday May 26th from 08:00 a.m. till 10:30 a.m.
Standard entry fee 10 €
+ the lift (paid separately)
Every contestant registered online until May 12th 2019 will get his own personalised race number! Every participant will get a gift pack.

Track: DH Comback
Track lenght:
 750m  Elevation: 105m

Time schedule: 
10:00 a.m. traning
11:30 a.m. semifinal
2:00 p.m. finals
4:00 p.m. results announcement (main stage)

Participation rules and statements:
All participant must signed rules and statement documents.

Rules and Statement  [.pdf]
Rules and Statement  [.doc] 

The Rules: semifinals and finals will take place in one day. Race is available for every downhill rider.


  1. Day before the race by 12:00, the Director and the Technical Delegate of individual races will approve the regularity and safety of the race track. The entire race track must be marked with PVC tape not later than the day before the race in 10:00. The race track must be marked with tape so as to avoid confusions. Edit of the track can be carried out only with the approval of the main referee. In the case of any rider will make some not approved interference to the race track, the main referee may decide on his disqualification from the race.
  2. A competitor who will be catched up on the track by another competitor is required to free the track to faster rider. Competitor who doesn’t allow to pass a faster rider and is noticed by track commissaire may be disqualified from the race.
  3. Competitors are required to be present at least 15 minutes before the start at the starting area. Starting times for semifinals and final race will be always at start list 
  4. Competitors are required to sign up in time to race office in accordance with the schedule of race. There they will receive a race number and will be informed with the organization of the race.
  5. Competitors are required before the semifinal to attend mandatory training in accordance with the timetable. Done otherwise, they cannot start the race. All downhill racers, with the exception of category Men are required to wear an integral helmet with non-removable chin protector, knees, elbows and back protector and long fingers glove. Whole length reinforced long pants are recommended. For category Men the mandatory equipment is an integral helmet, but other equipment is for this category strongly recommended! 
  6. For licensed riders only the team or sponsor listed on the rider’s license can be stated on the start  and result lists. Riders without a license will be refer under their residence.
  7. Competitors who win any of the prizes are required to pick up this prize up to one hour after the announcement of the official results of the race. Unpicked prizes go back to the organizer. 
  8. During the race and mandatory training  is organizer obliged to ensure health service and first aid car (ambulance or vehicle of mountain rescue service).
  9. The organizer is required to plan such a security system that assures help at all points along the track in shortest time. Assistant referees must be deployed on the track in line of sight between them. Each of them must be equipped with a yellow flag and whistle. Yellow flag is used to warn riders of the danger on the track. If rider observes a serious accident he must immediately inform the race director. Only the race director may decide to stop the race. The target referee will informed about next steps. All assistant referees will have starting list with race numbers of competitors. If any rider will shorten the marked track, the arbitrator shall be reported to the race director. 
  10. The competitor cannot stand on the race track during training rides. Only in case of fall or other contingency can stop on the track, but the track is to be released immediately. If competitor will make stops or stand on the track with no reason he may be excluded from the race. A competitor who fails to finish during mandatory training cannot start in the race. A competitor who does not completes semifinal ride can start in the final race. Competitors who do not finish or who reach the longest time in the semifinal will start in the final race first.
  11. Competitors race at their own risk and must have the prescribed equipment according to organizational guidelines. Protests can be received only in writing form to the race director with a deposit of 10€ or 250Kč. 
  12. The organizer of the race is authorized to make any changes to the statute of this Schedule.




HOPE 8-14 years (2011 – 2005)
JUNIOR 15-18 years (2004 – 2001)
HOBBY Full 19 - 29 years (2000 - 1990)
ELITE 19 – 29 years (2000 - 1990)
MASTERS 30-39 years (1990 – 1980)
SUPER MASTERS 40 years and more (1979 – 1919)
HARDTAIL no age restriction
WOMAN no age restriction